When it first gained popularity, Pinterest seemed like little more than a giant scrapbook of wishful-thinking wedding plans and inspirational quotes, but it’s only grown since then. The more time passes, the more useful your mom’s favorite social network becomes.

The latest handy tool available for Pinterest is a recipe filtering search which allows you to input ingredients you just happen to have lying around. Check out the odd collection of food in your refrigerator and Pinterest will recommend a list of tasty recipes you can make. Users can also choose to filter recipes by dietary requirements. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free or following the paleo diet, Pinterest cleverly has recipes to recommend to you too.

Another recent release from Pinterest is the introduction of the “more useful pins” product, which allows more information to be attached to pins than before. Thanks to this upgrade, pinned recipes can come with a full set of cooking instructions and an ingredient list, rather than just being a link with a pretty picture attached.