How to capture screen

Level of difficulty: EASY

Capturing screen- well, the term is not nothing new. When we like someone or something in our surrounding, we just capture its photo with the help of our camera. Similarly, we can store picture of our choice through the screen capture method. All of us need to have screen captures in our user assistance as they can be useful from time to time. All of us can see that there is a prtscr key in our keyboard. But the main question is that how many of them know about its exact use? Most of us feel about the unnessecity of this button since it never seemed to do anything. Well, to their utter surprise, it does do something. It helps in copying the image of the screen onto the clipboard, thus making it ready for pasting in a graphics program.

Materials Needed:
- Image editing program like MS Paint.
Step 1
Speaking of the steps of capturing a screen- it is surprisingly easy. All we need is an image editing program like MS Paint.
Step 2
The use of 'crop too' in the image editor helps in extracting the unnecessary portions of the screen shot. Then the prtscr key starts its work.
Step 3
It copies the image and then it has to be pasted from the Edit menu.
Step 4
From the file menu, choose 'save as' option and select the folder for saving the image. So, the steps are complete for capturing the screen and retain it for use in the future. But when we have to go for large number of screen capture and carry out all these procedures again and again, it can be a bit time consuming and to some extent tedious. So is there any solution to it- yes of course. There are screen capture tools that help us in speeding up this process by performing the image editing application automatically.
Step 5
Making a slide for a power point presentation or using illustrations for an Email are the major factors behind capturing screen. Generally we cannot feel the importance of screen capturing but at real situations it proves to be really handy. So, if you want to impress your boss with your power point presentation filled with illustrations and images or want to wish your friend with decorated Email, then screen capturing is your only option in that case. What are you waiting for, start right from this very moment and capture the sweet images of life.