How to block websense

Level of difficulty: Easy

Websese is used by various government institutions, offices, schools and many others for filtering content in order to prevent users from accessing certain websites which are thought to be inappropriate for the place. These programs can either disable the use of some particular websites or all the websites. Websense has the power to block websites of different categories. It includes adult websites to entertainment sites to drugs, sports, internet communication, file sharing, gambling, instant messaging, health, illegal, shopping, job search, internet telephony, religion, special events, travel, violence, weapons, advertisements, freeware and software download, pay-to-surf, malicious websites, and lots more. The concept of Websense usage is simple. It denies access whenever the user tries to visit a specific webpage. A request is generated when the user tries to access a particular website. It then passes through a firewall. Websense inspects the request and replies yes or no based on whether the requested URL is in the Websense database. In the transparent mode, Websense counts on the fact that the firewall is going to forward the whole request in a single time. If the whole request is not being transferred at one time, Websense will not allow access as the request will not seem to be a HTTP request.

Materials Needed:
- web browser.
Step 1
Are you disappointed with Websense? Do you want to bypass Websense instead of it blocking access to a number of websites? Here are some simple and easy steps to guide you. You may use web-based proxy site in order to bypass Websense. While you are using web proxy, Websense does not register that you are using a website. It finds you are browsing web proxy and does not deny access. The web proxies have the power to bypass Websense since there is a ‘S’ in the HTTP address and (https://) implies secure connection and Websense does not block such connections. This technique does not take much time and is effective.
Step 2
There is another way of denying Websense blockage. You may use HTTP Tunneling programs in order to bypass Websense. The HTTP Tunneling programs can be easily downloaded from internet. Some programs have options that help you to destroy the history of your internet and also do away with the Widows activity. This implies that you can be sure of the security of your online activities. There are many other ways of bypassing Websense. Find out the one that is the easiest and that best serves your purpose.