How to create a zip file

Level of difficulty: Easy

A zip file is a compressed file and it is used to save space on the hard disk. On Windows XP operating System it is done this way:

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Start the Windows Explorer, then do a right click on the Start menu and choose the Explorer button. The decision where you want to store your zip file should be made, go to that folder and Go to New from file menu, and click on Compressed or zip folder
Step 2
Give a name for that folder which you have created, and then press enter. With the help of Windows Explorer, you can drag or paste any file that you wish to on that zip file.
Step 3
To create zip files, an application by the name of Winzip is used, it can be downloaded free from a site, from your home computer, go to
Step 4
Once you have downloaded Winzip, then click on 'I agree'. In the left corner on the top portion of the Winzip window, click on the 'New' button, a new window will come up titled 'New Archive'.
Step 5
Come to a decision which folder you want to use to keep the archive, do it by using folder navigation box which is in the New Archive window.
Step 6
Give a new name to the archive by writing in the textbox in the New Archive window.
Step 7
After that is done, click on Ok. A new window will open up which will display 'Add'.
Step 8
Select the files that you wish to place in the archive, use the navigation box then click on the files you want added.
Step 9
To select more than one file or multiple files, keep the Control key down on the keyboard, when you are clicking on the chosen files.
Step 10
After you have chosen the selected files that you want to add to the archive, and then click on 'Add'. Now you can exit from Winzip.