How to Install an Audio Device

Level of difficulty: Easy

The computer’s audio system is usually composed of two primary components for its sound device, namely, the device driver and the physical device or sound card. The device driver is a software application that makes it possible for the computer to use the physical device or the sound card. The sound card should be directly installed into the motherboard while the software driver can be subsequently installed with the use of the PC’s basic Operating System.

Materials Needed:
- Screw driver
- sound card
- device driver
- audio device or hardware
Step 1
Turn off the computer and unplug all the wires at the back of the computer.
Step 2
Unscrew the head screws to open the computer and look for a vacant PCI slot that can be used for the new sound card. The PCI slot is a tiny metal slat found at the back of the case and supported by a single screw. Remove the screw on the slot cover for the vacant PCI slot.
Step 3
Firmly push the sound card inside the PCI slot until it is firmly held inside the PCI slot. To secure the PCI slot and stabilize the card, the user may choose to replace the screw.
Step 4
Close the case and then reconnect all the wires and cables that have been previously removed.
Step 5
Start the computer and run the auto installer for the device driver that comes together with the installed sound card. If no disk driver came along with the sound card, the disk driver can be downloaded from the website of the sound card’s manufacturer. The user may also check for a special driver that can be downloaded from the computer’s manufacturer.
Step 6
Click on the 'Start' key at the left portion of the monitor and proceed to the 'Settings' button. Click on 'Control Panel' and open the 'Add Hardware' option. The 'Add Hardware' option allows the installation of a software application required to run the hardware that has been introduced to the computer.
Step 7
Click on 'Install' and the Hardware wizard will automatically do the rest. A listing of what the user is installing appears and once the listing appears, click on the listing and then click 'Next'.
Step 8
Click on 'Sounds and Audio Devices' on the Control Panel and then proceed to the hardware required to operate the sound card. Click on the hardware desired and the user will then be notified if the if the device is operating properly. If the message states that the device is working properly, the user may now close the Window. Once the driver has been properly put in place, the user may now restart the computer.