How to burn cdg

Level of difficulty: Easy

Many people are not aware of what a CDG file is all about. It is a type of a simple graphics file which is used along with audio files. You can use a CDG file which has a karaoke disk. If you are keen to make your own karaoke disk, then using a CDG format is suited, maybe you will have to burn the CDG files on to a blank CD. The process is easy and not a very long process. Here is how the process of burning a CDG file onto another CD.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Insert a blank CD into the CD drive of your computer.
Step 2
Then in the folder that contains your CDG file, click on it to open it.
Step 3
Now using right click, click on the CDG files that you want to burn onto the blank CD.
Step 4
When you do this, a small box will appear which will contain several options for you to use. Choose 'Send To' option. This will open up another box. Select your CD drive from that box, which contains the blank CD. This option will be the last one available in this particular box
Step 5
At the bottom of your computer you will see the toolbar, select 'Start'.
Step 6
Click on open my computer and then on the blank CD, do a double click. The letters 'CD ROM will be written under the icon, then you will see the CDG files that you had selected previously under a heading 'Files ready to be written'.
Step 7
To attain a box full of options, right click on a blank spot near one file. Do a click on 'Write these files to CD' from the options which are available. This opens the Writing Wizard of the CD.
Step 8
When the 'CD Name' heading comes up, then write a name for your CD by writing in the box underneath. If you don’t wish to name your CD, it is your wish. If you do name the CD, then along with the name, the date when the CD was burned will be mentioned too.
Step 9
At the bottom of the CD Writing Wizard, click 'Next', that will allow the CDG files to burn on to the CD. Once the process of burning is over, the CD will eject itself. If it doesn’t happen, wait for intimation that the process is over before you eject it.