How to Create a PDF File Document

Level of difficulty: Easy

A Portable Document Format is a file format used to illustrate 2D documents. This file format is capable of presenting 2D documents without the support of any other software, hardware and Operating System. Basically, a Portable Document Format file is a compacted document that can contain a large amount of information. Information contained in a PDF file is mostly consisted of text, fonts, drawings, images or vector graphics. In 1993, Adobe Systems developed the PDF file format to be of use in exchanging documents. This file format has a structure which consists of objects such as (1) Names, (2) Numbers, (3) Strings, (4) Arrays, (5) Dictionaries, (6) Null objects, (7) Streams, and (8) Boolean values. To create a PDF file document, users will need to use the software Adobe Acrobat.

Materials Needed:
- Adobe Acrobat
- Acrobat PDFMaker
- MS Word
Step 1
Download or install Adobe Acrobat software in the computer. This application includes features that will allow users to create PDF files. Acrobat PDFMaker is one feature that enables users to convert word documents to PDF file documents or vice-versa. This application may also be used to attach hyperlinks, bookmarks, and Adobe PDF information in the document.
Step 2
Create a document through Microsoft Word. Note that Microsoft Word also has a PDFMaker program, so users may also choose to convert their Word documents to PDF files within the MS Word application.
Step 3
To create PDF file documents using only Microsoft Word, users must first arrange the document’s entire format including fonts, hyperlinks, tables, page margins, and so on. Users can also choose to add features to the word document. Additional features such as document compression and font embedding are found on the add-in Adobe PDF. This menu is placed in the Microsoft Word toolbar as an add-in.
Step 4
Click the icon of the Adobe PDF menu on the Word Toolbar. Select 'Convert to Adobe PDF', then a window will appear wherein you can choose the location to save the converted PDF file. Click 'Save' to save the Word document as a PDF file document.
Step 5
In creating a PDF file document using the Adobe Acrobat, the user will first need to configure the PDF conversion settings of the application software. Point the mouse to 'Edit' menu to select 'Preferences', and then click 'Convert to PDF from the list'. Choose the Microsoft Office presented on the 'Converting to PDF list'.
Step 6
Select 'File', then click 'Create PDF', and choose 'From File'. When the 'From File' action is clicked from the menu, a File of Type list window box will appear. This is where the user can choose the Microsoft Office Documents. The user can then select the file he wants to convert to PDF file document. After selecting the document, click 'Open' to open the Word document. When the Word document is opened, it will be converted by Acrobat PDFMaker to a PDF file.