How to access router

Level of difficulty: Moderate.

A router is a network device whose hardware and software are usually developed with the motive of routing and forwarding information. It is an electronic device that is very much effective in forwarding important data between the computer networks. A router helps to create connectivity within an enterprise and between enterprises and even between Internet Service Providers. The large routers are used in large enterprise networks while the smallest one provides connectivity for small offices and homes. The most popular type among all routers is the wireless router. Accessing the wireless router settings helps us to change our wireless network’s configuration thereby securing our network. On connecting our computer with the router helps in viewing and updating the router configuration directly through the web browser. Though it can be technically problematic, but has a very easy guidance steps making it relatively easy and can be done in a very few minutes.

Materials Needed:
- web browser.
Step 1
First, a connection has to be developed between the computer and the wireless router with the help of the Ethernet cable to directly connect to router.
Step 2
Select your web browser and insert the IP address of the wireless router in the address field. You can easily collect the address from the user’s manual or can use the default IP address in general.
Step 3
Then the username and the password for the router are to be entered which are also provided in the manual.
Step 4
After that we should be able to see the router settings and the steps are complete for accessing router. We can now configure the network ports and even the passwords. Preventive measures->It is generally advisable to connect to the router via the Ethernet so that if the Wi-Fi settings accidentally break, it will create a back up and accessing the router and the internet will still be possible for us. Also proper password is an important factor for network security.