How to burn iso files

Level of difficulty: Moderate.

An ISO file is also known as an ISO image, and it is infact an image of the whole data of a CD/DVD. A single ISO file can hold the entire contents of a disc in a perfect order. The ISO file is similar to a box which holds all the parts to something or all the contents that is needed to make, for instance, a child’s toy that you will purchase to make it and assemble it. The box that holds the parts to the toys holds no importance for you, but what is of importance is the pieces that go into making the toy, once it is taken out from the box and put together, it makes that particular object which interests you. The same goes with an ISO file. The file is of no importance unless it is opened, assembled together and then put to use.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
The common way that people use an ISO file is by burning it to a CD/DVD. It is not similar to burning an MP3 file or a document on any disc as it is done in the case of CD/DVD. To burn a DVD/CD, software has to perform the task of assembling the contents of an ISO file on to the disc. For the simple fact that all of the program’s files are neatly combined into one file, an ISO image file is often used to distribute huge programs over the Internet.
Step 2
If you try to download an ISO file from a torrent site which is legal and try burning that file to a CD it will not happen. Reason being you have to realize that you have to do the burning process of the image with help of the software, not just stick the file onto the CD. Here are some instructions on how you can burn an ISO file:
Step 3
Get a CD/DVD creator software.
Step 4
Open your CD/DVD writing software.
Step 5
Go on to the ‘back up’ section.
Step 6
Now press the button ‘burn image to disc’.
Step 7
Now keep following the instructions you get on screen and select your ISO file.
Step 8
Now click on ‘burn’, remove the disc and give it a label if you want. Make sure to verify that your data is safe.
Step 9
You can insert you ISO file in a special area of your software program window by dragging and dropping the file that will start a new image burning project.