How to change keyboard language

Level of difficulty: Easy

The normal language we use for the computer and the keyboard is English. It is only at times that people resort to using a language other than English while using the keyboard. It could happen that you have purchased a computer from someone and the language is not English. All that is required to change the language from English to another foreign language is by changing the input language on the keyboard by following few simple instructions.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
You can change from UK to US, French to Swiss, English to Latin, etc. just by modifying few settings. Depending on the operating system that you have installed on your computer, you use some settings to change keyboard language.
Step 2
For Windows XP, first click on the start button and then go to control panel.
Step 3
Choose the Category View from Control Panel; preferably go to Classic View which is on the top left corner.
Step 4
Then go to Open Regional and Pick the Language Options, clicking on the language tab. You will find an option of Under Text services and input languages, go ahead and click the Details button. Click on Add which is Under Installed Services.
Step 5
You will find a dialog box in the Add Input Language; choose the input language which you want and the keyboard layout.
Step 6
There is another option, you can pick Input Method Editor and then add the language you want. Click the OK button twice. In the System Tray, you will notice a language indicator at the right hand side corner.
Step 7
Choose the input languages by pressing on the buttons Alt and Shift keys together. If language is not there in the list, then all you have to do is add language support.
Step 8
For Vista, click on Start and then go to Control Panel, then go to Classic View, from there click on Control Panel Home.
Step 9
You will find clock, region and language; all you do is click on the Regional and Language Options. Click on the button which says Keyboards and Languages tab, then again click on keyboards. Click on Add which is Under Installed Services.
Step 10
Select the keyboard language from the list that you want from the Add Input Language dialog box, click on Ok. That will be included in the list and make that the default language, select from list and to save the changes, click on the Ok button.
Step 11
To change keyboard languages, click on the Language Bar button or use the Alt and Shift keys together.