How to clean up my computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

A computer is a mass storage device that can store all sorts of information and this storage device stores the information in the digital encoded forms. With an enormous storing memory one needs to take a special care of the system. Well managed system will work faster, offers low processing time and also gives the users enough free storage space. People usually complain of problems like low speed, errors, viruses, system crashing and many others. All such problems can be easily sorted out in case some technical requirement is needed then one can always refer to the specialists.

Materials Needed:
- Some antivirus program
- disk check up and deletion of unwanted files and folders.
Step 1
It is usually recommended to run some system software that can free it from viruses and errors. An individual must run the antispyware and antivirus daily or on weekly basis so as to get rid of spyware and viruses. The spyware are known to slow the system speed and virus are found to alter some computer applications and programs and thus they may completely corrupt some applications. To have all the applications in a good working condition it is one of the basics to system hygiene.
Step 2
Apart from this the information of the operating system is stored in the form of registry and this act as information for the working of the PC. One must also follow a regular registry cleanup procedure to free the device from the unwanted errors and mistakes. Using some registry editors and software like CCleaner will be a good help to improve the system processing.
Step 3
While working over the web there is lot of information that gathers in the cache memory of the system. These include the temporary files and cookies. A regular deletion of these files and cookies will keep the system free of clutter and thus provides ample storage space.
Step 4
Installing some browser protection software will act as a continuous screen for the viruses and spyware and therefore the computer will be continually monitored for errors.
Step 5
Run a regular disk clean up on the hard disk drive. This will keep all the bad factors out of the hard drive and prevent from crashing it.
Step 6
Another option recommended to clean the hard drive is to defragment it regularly. This defragmentation will act as a joining factor that will rejoin the holes that were created due to disk cleanup and would provide a good free storage space for the information.