How to copy a hard drive

Level of difficulty: Easy

When you are working on several computers and you want access of similar information and programs on every computer, then it is useful to copy a hard drive. It is troublesome working on a computer and then realizing that the information that you wanted is not on the computer. So, copy your hard drive and use it on the computer that you have to work on. The instructions to do sp are very easy, just follow these instructions and your job is done.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
You have to get a software to copy the hard drive in order to copy the files and folders that are required by you. Use a cloning software to get a back up of all the information. This will also help you to get a bigger drive without you losing any of the information on the computer that you are copying from.
Step 2
The copying programs or cloning software’s are available online; you can shop for it online or buy it from the local consumer electronic shop. To buy it directly online, you can check out some of the cloning software sites. Step 2Find cloning software at your local consumer electronics stores or via online shopping websites. You can use a free software too with Destructive Incorporated to copy a hard drive.
Step 3
Before you start copying the hard disk, be sure that the size of the new disk is the same size of the one you are copying from or even bigger. Take help from the wizard from the new software as it will most probably have one that will help you to perform the process smoothly. Most of the software gives you permission to copy a hard drive from one to another.
Step 4
Select the disk that you want to copy from the 'Source', and then choose the new disk that you want to copy it onto, which will be found in the target or the destination. Then click on 'perform the cloning action', wait for the source area to copy the hard disk and transfer it to the destination area. Enhance the copying by using advanced features such as the access of external storage devices. Another option is to use additional command lie.
Step 5
Since each of the software performs differently as they have different features, be careful how you follow the instructions. After the software completes its running process, save the data and start the restart directions.