How to burn movies to dvd

Level of difficulty: Easy

It is a very easy process to burn movies of your choice and store them on DVD for further viewing so that you can play it at home and watch at your own convenience. You can download free movies or videos and burn them onto DVDs. You can download Torrent Movies and anime videos and the process of how to burn the movies and anime videos onto a DVD is explained below.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
A file sharing tool known as Bit Torrent allows you to download content directly from other user’s computers. There are many people who download movies and songs from sites using Bit Torrent but many people are not aware of how to use it. But it is a fact that using Bit Torrent is easy to download movies and videos. Use these simple steps which enable one to get connected to other Bit Torrent users to download files of your choice.
Step 2
Firstly, you should get a Bit Torrent Client. Download Torrent from this site namely Now you can install it.
Step 3
You will require a Bit Torrent client for the fact that it will help you to connect with other users and download the files that you want to.
Step 4
Now you have to find a Torrent. When you have managed to install a Bit Torrent client, you will want to find torrents just like you and you would want to download it. To do that, you will have to start Bit Torrent search engine like Torrentz or you will have to visit a Bit Torrent directory.
Step 5
For searching, open http:/ in your browser. If you find something that you like then all you have to do is follow the link and then follow up with the downloading of the torrent file from the particular site.
Step 6
Once download is over, double click the file, it opens and download in your Bit Torrent client. You will have to specify the location where you are storing it.
Step 7
You can also have a slideshow if you click the ‘Load file’ and load the video files which needs burning. A simple procedure of dragging and dropping the loaded files from the collections pane to the slideshow board works.
Step 8
You can set the order of the videos by dragging them. So write down movies of your choice, and start downloading them using this process, now you can have your collection of your favorite movies.