How to Use Torrent File

Level of difficulty: Easy

Torrents are a form of specialized files that make use of peer-to-peer network environments and make downloading and sharing files faster. The unique transfer process distinguishes a Torrent file from any normal file. When a user downloads a normal file to his/her computer from a website, the website’s server begins with the sending of the normal file to the user in data packets. These data packets travel from the server, across various routes and are reconstructed upon completion of transfer. Torrents can download and share faster by using multiple computers or sources in sending different small parts or bits of the file simultaneously. This way, a large file can download quickly by having a dozen or a hundred parts or bits of it uploaded by multiple sources. The Torrent file recognizes and keeps track of the possible sources of the file and the parts already downloaded or currently downloaded. It also automatically searches for more sources making the download faster.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Internet Connection
Step 1
Understand basic Torrent terms. A leecher is someone who downloads a Torrent file from a seeder or seeders. Seeders are those who upload or share the files. A seed is a source with the whole Torrent file and is essential for downloading. If no seed is currently available for a downloaded file, no download is possible. All Torrent clients have a tracker which monitors all downloads and uploads.
Step 2
Having more seeds available makes the download possible and faster. More leechers mean a slower download. However, the tracker monitors and maintains a 1:1 download to upload ratio. This means that if you download more files than you share, the tracker may ban your account from using the Torrent client. The more files you seed, the higher priority your account has when downloading.
Step 3
Choose, download, and install a Torrent client. There are many Torrent clients available on the Internet. Choose, download, and install one that suits your preference or need. Some Torrents specialize in a single type of file only like a movie only or music only Torrent client.
Step 4
Once a Torrent client has been installed, a Torrent file can now be downloaded. Search for your first Torrent by using Torrent-indexing sites.
Step 5
Set the Torrent settings. Most Torrent files have an 'open Torrent' option. The Torrent client will automatically ask for where to download and save the Torrent. Make sure to download the correct file and size.
Step 6
After the download has been completed, the Torrent may be opened.