How to advertise a website

Level of difficulty: Easy

Once a website has been created, the next question that comes to mind is how to improve its ranking on the search engine. It should have the power to attract visitors or else it becomes a “dead site.” What are the ways in which the website can attend the desired ranking?

Materials Needed:
- web browser.
Step 1
There are various factors which determine which pages are displayed first while searching internet. You should ignore spam websites that promises to give access to your site to a large number of search engines. It is a waste of money and time. The ranking of your website also tend to go down. You should use keyword phrases, i.e. instead of using a single word, add few words in order to make key phrase. This will make it more meaningful and easy to access.
Step 2
If you stick to a particular subject on each page, it will make things easier to read and comprehend. Clear writing is easier to grasp and it will surely increase the number of visitors.
Step 3
The density of the keyword use, i.e. how often the keyword occurs also helps in better ranking of the website. However, if the key words are repeated unnecessarily, it does not help. The opening paragraph of your website should be attractive, so that people get drawn to it. It should be in simple language.
Step 4
The pages should be named. The names should be descriptive. If there is no title, there is lesser chance that visitors will click on it. You may use the key phrases of the pages in the title when it is appropriate.
Step 5
Hyperlinks play a key role in advertising your website. You may use links of web pages for emphasizing keywords. Page rank is determined through links from other websites to your website. You may exchange text links with popular websites in order to improve your page rank.
Step 6
If your website is linked with very important directories, there is a high chance of a better website ranking. Your website should be submitted to the appropriate directories which will best befit your purpose.
Step 7
For promoting your website, certain social networking sites can be used. However, not all the social networking sites directly help in website promotion.
Step 8
Make your website search friendly. Make the minimum use of Flash. Using Flash might be visually pleasing; however, the search engines may not register it. Making plain text links will be a better idea.