How to Install Korean Fonts

Level of difficulty: Easy

The computer must have “Korean Windows” or a Korean Font so that websites written in Korean may be viewed on the Internet or Korean characters may be displayed in office documents. Lower versions of Windows need installation of Korean fonts. The higher versions of Windows have built-in East Asian support. The activation of this feature will also be discussed later.

Materials Needed:
- A laptop or desktop computer with Windows platform
- Internet connection (when necessary)
- Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher
Step 1
Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0 Operating Systems do not support Korean font and you need to go to the Microsoft website ( to download the Korean IME (Input Method). Proceed to item number 11 if you are using Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, or Vista Operating Systems.
Step 2
Go to the update page once the website is accessed. Click on 'Microsoft Global IME installation'.
Step 3
Select 'Microsoft Global IME 5.01 for Korean - with Language Pack' from the given options, which show IME’s of different languages.
Step 4
Click on 'next' after selecting the appropriate option. This will bring you to the next page.
Step 5
Simply click on the 'next' button.
Step 6
A file download dialogue box will appear on the screen. Choose the 'save this file to disk' option. This will prompt you to choose a location where the file will be saved. The most convenient location would be the desktop. The download will begin after clicking 'OK'.
Step 7
Run the program 'komondo.exe' once the download is complete. A pop-up screen will appear and say, 'This will install the Microsoft Global IME for Korean. Continue?'. Click 'Yes'.
Step 8
Another pop-up screen containing the License Agreement will appear. Once more, click on 'Yes' to start the installation process.
Step 9
Once installation is complete, a message box will appear to ask if you would want to restart the computer. Click on 'Yes' to restart the computer.
Step 10
Open Internet Explorer after rebooting. Test if the installation is effective by going to a Korean website.
Step 11
Go to 'control panel' and select 'date, time, language, and regional options' if you have the higher version of Windows.
Step 12
You will find two sections. Go to the lower section labeled 'supplemental language support'. Select 'install files for East Asian Languages'.
Step 13
You will need to restart your computer after all the files are installed.
Step 14
Go back to the control panel and the date, time, language, and regional options. Go to 'text services and input language' at the upper section. Click on 'details'. Add 'Korean'.