How to Convert an M4P File into an MP3 File

Level of difficulty: Easy

The M4P file format is a music format used in songs available and usually downloaded from the popular Apple iTunes online store. This song format is a protected audio file so there is no available direct way to convert the format into another format that could be compatible with the user’s players. An application or software is required to allow a music enthusiast to convert songs downloaded from iTunes into a format that will suit and match the user’s player. These songs may have to be reformatted into MP3, WMA, or WAV format to play it in the music player. The iTunes, aside from being a primary source for downloaded songs, also has the capability to convert and decode these protected songs into the format desired by the user.

Materials Needed:
- iTunes
- Blank CD (a CDRW is recommended because it can be utilized for a number of conversions)
- Windows XP or Windows Vista
- 256Mb RAM or higher
- available hard-disk space of at least 1Gb
- monitor with at least XGA (1024x768) resolution
Step 1
Go to the iTunes website and install the program into the computer if none has been installed in the computer. Once installed or already available, open the program and create a new playlist for the downloaded songs. Provide a file name to the playlist created.
Step 2
Choose the iTunes songs that you wish to convert into an MP3 format and add the name of the songs to the playlist created. Try to take note of the file name of the songs before converting them into a different format.
Step 3
Insert the blank CD on the computer’s CD drive. A prompt that a new disk has been inserted and that burning will be performed will appear. Click 'OK' at the end of the message.
Step 4
Click the 'BURN DISC' key located in the lower hand portion of iTunes and wait until the disc has completed burning.
Step 5
After the completion of the disc burning, proceed to 'Edit>Preferences' and go to the 'Advanced Tab' then 'Import Tab'.
Step 6
Modify the settings accordingly by choosing the MP3 import settings. If asked to eject the CD, reinsert the CD and open the files desired to be converted into the MP3 format again.
Step 7
Click on 'Import CD' key to initiate the importing of music in the format previously chosen by the user. If the message 'One or more songs you have selected to import already had been imported. Do you want to replace the existing songs and import them again?' appears, click on the 'Replace' key to maintain the MP3 formatted song or 'Don’t replace' key if the user opts to maintain the M4P format. File conversion is completed.