How to Build a Computer from Scratch

Level of difficulty: Difficult

Some people choose to build their own computer instead of buying a new one. Building your own computer from scratch can be cheaper. You can buy second-hand parts that are still fully functional to save money.

Materials Needed:
- Installation CD for Windows XP
- motherboard
- CPU (Central Processing Unit) with a fan
- computer case
- power supply
- monitor
- hard drive
- speakers
- processor
Step 1
Make sure that you have all the components needed to build your computer. You can buy the parts from your local computer store.
Step 2
It is advisable to build your computer on a sturdy surface. Get the processor and connect it to your motherboard. Make sure that the processor is compatible with the motherboard that you have. Place the processor on the slot that is square-shaped on the motherboard. There are metal clips on the motherboard to secure the processor in place.
Step 3
Get your RAM. Again, make sure that the RAM is compatible with the motherboard. Place the RAM inside the motherboard’s slot for the memory. Gently push the RAM into place. You should feel or hear a click when the RAM is securely in place.
Step 4
Install the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive inside the CPU. There is a slot where the device is mounted. Use screws to secure the device in place. Make sure that the device is stable.
Step 5
Install the fan inside the CPU. The fan serves as the cooling device that prevents your computer from overheating.
Step 6
After installing the fan, place the hard drive inside the CPU. There are slots inside the CPU designed for peripherals like the hard drive. Make sure that you mount the hard drive securely in place. Connect your hard drive to the motherboard with the cable connected to the hard drive.
Step 7
Install the power supply of your computer. The power supply comes with a cable with several connectors. Connect each end to the motherboard, the hard drive and the fan.
Step 8
Replace the cover of the CPU. Open the computer and install the motherboard BIOS. You can do this by inserting the installation CD that came with the motherboard to the disk drive. Follow the prompts to finish installation.
Step 9
To install additional cards on your computer such as the sound card and video card, locate the slots for the cards on the motherboard and connect the cards.
Step 10
Close the cover of the computer and connect the monitor to the CPU. Plug the computer and turn the computer on. Insert the installation CD for your Operating System inside the disk drive to install the Operating System. Check if your computer is running properly.