How to Back-up a Computer Hard Drive

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

All computer files and documents are stored in the computer’s hard drive. Since a computer’s hard drive may be destroyed or may break down, creating a backup for important files and documents is an effective way of keeping your documents for a long time. Backing up of files also prevents loss and corruption or damage to important files and documents. There are a number of ways available for backing up documents and files, such as using an external hard drive, burning compact discs (CDs) and Digital Versatile Disc (DVDs), or transferring data to flash drives.

Materials Needed:
- CDs
- DVDs
- Flash Drives
- Internal or External Hard Drive
- Windows XP Operating System (OS)
- CD Burning Program
Step 1
Scan for the files on the hard disk to be backed up. Decide on the mode of backup to use.
Step 2
Attach the external hard disk to the computer. External hard disks typically come with firewire cables or USB2 cables. Most computers usually come with USB2 ports rather than firewire ports. Connect the USB2 cable to the USB2 port.
Step 3
Select the data, files, or folders on the computer by right clicking on it. Choose 'copy' from the scroll down menu. On the destination folder of the external drive or flash drive, right-click and choose 'paste' to transfer the files from the computer to the external hard drive or the flash drive.
Step 4
Choose from the number of available CD burning programs from the Internet for backing up data to a CD or DVD. Download and install the program on the computer.
Step 5
Insert the blank disc on the CD ROM drive. A window may appear on the desktop. Choose the 'burn files to disk' option
Step 6
Select the data to be transferred to the CD or DVD. CDs or DVDs can store image files, music files, videos and other documents. The output may appear as a data disc, audio disc or video disc.
Step 7
Make sure that the space for the CD or DVD is enough for the data that is going to be stored on the disc. Click the 'burn' option. The transferring of data from the computer to the disc may take a few minutes, depending on the size of the data being burned on the CD or DVD.
Step 8
Eject the disc from the CD ROM drive.