How to change a windows password

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

When computers came into existence, lives of people have been simplified to a large extent. People post their important personal and professional documents in computer that needs to be protected. In order to secure such important documents, passwords are created to ensure that no other person has access to these documents. Passwords are created according to users which are easy to remember. Some people may use their birth dates, names etc to help them remember their passwords whereas some may also resort to an alpha numeric password. An alpha numeric password is created by using a combination of alphabets and numerical digits. Such a password is not easily traceable thereby securing the information. Sometimes people tend to make complicated passwords which they forget in the long run. This causes a lot of problems to the users. In such cases, users need not to panic as there is a provision to change or recreate a new password.

Materials Needed:
- In order to change Windows password
- there is only one thing that user needs and that is a computer and a new password.
Step 1
The first step requires users to click on 'Start' button. After clicking this 'Start' button' the user needs to choose the option of 'Run'. Once the user clicks 'run' option, a dialog box pops out. The user needs to type 'CMD' in such a dialog box.
Step 2
After typing 'CMD' in the dialog box, a command window shall appear where users are required to type 'Net users'. After completing this step, the command displays accounts of all users.
Step 3
Once 'Net users' command exhibits all the users that have their accounts in computer, users need to find the account from that list.
Step 4
Once the account is located, users need to type 'Net users' command and account’s name using an asterisk. If there are no spaces in between the account’s name, users need not to proceed to next step. However, if there are spaces in between account’s name, name should be written within quotes in next step.
Step 5
The last and final step is to change and make a new password. After users have typed 'Net users' command and account’s name, a response command line would appear requesting them to type a new password. Users should pay great heed to as to selection of an appropriate password. Users should choose such a password that can be easily remembered. They should also take care that the new password is incapable of easy guessing. After changing the password, users must receive a message confirming that password has been changed successfully.