How to burn bin files

Level of difficulty: Easy

You can get bin files on the internet and are used for various purposes. They look like images. A bin file can be used to create CD images. A cue file normally accompanies a bin file. Unlike other types of programs, a bin file doesn’t have any specific program which can open them, different programs can be used to open them such as Alcohol 1120%, and ISO Buster. Nero can be used, which is a program that allows you to burn both the BIN and CUE files that you downloaded. Here are some steps to follow in order to burn a bin file.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
The CUE should have a confirmation, and using Nero, open it. The Path that the CUE sheet is accurate should be confirmed by you. As a CUE sheet is an ordinary text file that has information, which gives you the information as to where it is located and the type of structure that the bin file has, proceed with this application using notepad. The description of the CUE file is normally like this: FILE 'IMAGE.BIN' BINARY TRACK 0 MODE1/5678 INDEX 02 00:00:00.
Step 2
Use Nero to load the cue sheet. Do this by selecting 'Files of type', then click on 'all the files' from the drop down menu. Then select and click on open. Make sure that the Cue file has been selected and not the Bin file.
Step 3
Use the right speed to start the writing. Once the BIN image is over with the writing on the CD, eject the disk. Load the disk again to make sure it was written correctly. Within a matter of minutes, the DVD file will be ready with BIN.
Step 4
Before you start the process of burning, make sure that the name of the BIN in the CUE sheet is alike as the BIN file on the hard disk. If you don’t succeed by following the mentioned process, select the bin file with a similar process and click on the button 'burn'. Nero is a sensitive program and is unable to handle different types of BIN or CUE images.
Step 5
BIN files are burnt with Nero and also Magic ISO programs. To learn about the particular software, refer to the program help files. To get the contents of a BIN file, open the disk burning program and browse the BIN file, then click on extract then OK.