How to convert cd to mp3

Level of difficulty: Easy

For music lovers, a better and convenient gadget has been developed. It’s called the mp3 player. It is a portable music player which fits into your pocket and is easy to carry around when you are on the move. It allows you to store a large number of songs, in mp3 format, depending on its capacity (in-built memory).Its convenient as it relieves you from the cumbersome task of maintaining a host of CD’s and which are difficult to carry. Now, if you have a music CD you would like to convert to the popular mp3 format for use in your mp3 player, this article will walk you through what is needed.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
For the above said procedure there are certain requirements. You’ll need: (1) MP3 Player (2) Computer (3) CD’s. If your computer is having Windows XP or Vista for an operating system, then you can use the Windows Media Player for converting your audio or music CD’s to MP3’s. To initiate the process you have to move to Windows Media Players version 11. There you’ll find a 'Rip' tab under which you can select the format of the audio CD that you wish to convert into. Here go for the MP3 format. It should be mentioned that those who are using Windows Media Player can upgrade to Windows Media Player version 11 and then follow the above said procedure
Step 2
Completion of the above routine should then be followed by the selection of the ‘Bit-rate’. This (bit-rate) is the factor which determines the quality of the MP3 file after conversion. If the ‘Bit-rate’ stays on the higher side then the converted song/songs will retain their clarity to the optimum thereby, enhancing the experience. You need to select the ‘Bit-rate’ based on the storage capacity of your mp3. In general, the acceptable level for ‘Bit-rate’ is 128kbps or 192kbps for use when an mp3 player is in consideration.
Step 3
Now, once you are done with changing the format to mp3 and selecting the ‘Bit-rate’, check the tracks from the audio CD that you wish to convert. After selecting the songs, you have to then click on the 'Rip' button to initiate the process of conversion. Now once you are done with the conversion, you will then be able to copy the converted mp3’s to your mp3 player. Now with that, you are done and ready to enjoy your favorite tracks on your mp3 player.