How to cite websites

Level of difficulty: EASY

At one time, perhaps it is very difficult to realize that how can a website help us- not today. Now, more and more people are looking for service and information on the websites. Websites are the online journals and are the popular sources through which we can dig out many hidden facts. For instance, you are having a project in your college about medieval literature but you have the least knowledge on that topic. So what are you going to do- sit with your hands on your lap or start the research work and gain more knowledge. Well, most of us will be doing the latter one especially with the availability of valid sources of information and facts from the large number of websites. Along with it, there lies another fact that this process can be termed as research as well as be accused as plagiarism. So, will you like your tough research work be named as some term associated with stealing? None of us can accept that and that is why we can go for citing. A citation is a line of text that identifies a source. Citing can also be referred as reference. Naming it as a precautionary measure before utilizing the website content for your own use can also the other way of recognizing it. On using multiple pages from a website, we can cite the entire website instead of mentioning some particular pages. The steps for citing are very simple.

Materials Needed:
Step 1
The first thing is the name of the site. The name of the site is needed to be highlighted in the work cited page.
Step 2
Then do not forget to mention the date of the article. Generally they are available after the author’s name but sometimes it becomes hard to access the information. For that it is better to look for the copyright information from the main page.
Step 3
Then you have to inscribe the name of the authorized owner of the site which is easily available from the main page.
Step 4
Attach the date on which the website has been accessed.
Step 5
Last but not the least is copying the URL of the website from the browser to the work cited page and with it we complete the entire process of citing websites.
Step 6
It is just impossible for all of us to be the jack of all trade. In that case we can use someone else’s information for which they deserve thanks. Well, citing the websites is simply providing the thanksgiving. Gaining knowledge from others is no shame. So stop worrying about all that and raise the bar of your information without forgetting about citing the websites.