How to View Torrent File

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Downloading torrents is the fastest way of getting movies, music, applications and other files from users’ network. Torrent files are often thought of as bookmarks to files that are stored on the hard drives of several users worldwide. Once you have started downloading files, another user will also start downloading files from your machine. Torrents are great means of downloading music, movie files and other files that you want to have from the Internet.

Materials Needed:
- Microsoft Windows Operating System
- BitTorrent software
- uTorrent software
- Internet connection
Step 1
To be able to view a torrent file, you need to have an application that can read torrents. BitTorrent is a widely-used peer-to-peer client that you can use in opening and viewing torrent files. There are other applications that you can use but a few of them often comes with a spyware or any other malware.
Step 2
You can download BitTorrent software at BitTorrent’s website ( Once you have downloaded and installed the application on your machine, you can then start searching for torrent files that you wish to have.
Step 3
When you find the files that you want, click on its filename. Once you have successfully downloaded your chosen torrent file, a window will then comes out, asking you which application you would like to open the file with. You may choose to select BitTorrent as your default application in opening torrent files.
Step 4
Click the 'OK' button to launch BitTorrent and open the torrent file.
Step 5
You can also open your torrent file by right clicking on it and then choosing the 'Open With' item on the menu. Select BitTorrent to launch the application and let it open the torrent file that you wanted to view.
Step 6
Another way of viewing torrent file is through the use of the uTorrent client. This software is much lighter and can be installed or opened as EXE. To view the torrent file using uTorrent, click on the 'File' item on top of the application and then click 'Open torrent file.'
Step 7
Once you have chosen the file to be open, choose a location or folder where you want to download the file and then click 'OK.' Once downloading is completed, you will be prompted if you wish to view your torrent.
Step 8
Click 'OK' to view your torrent file.