How to Make a Wi-Fi Antenna

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Making your own Wi-Fi antenna is an excellent choice if you want to boost your Wi-Fi signal without using a lot of cash. You would be surprised to find out that with just a few simple tools and materials you have lying around your home; you can create your very own antenna to extend your wireless network. With it, you can easily connect to networks within your range, to access points, your home computer, and wireless routers.

Materials Needed:
- Chicken wire
- a length of hollow pipe
- a long
- thin piece of wood
- tie wires
- USB cord
- thumb-sized USB Wi-Fi transceiver
- electric drill
Step 1
Disconnect your computer or laptop from any wireless network connection. This would make connecting with the network easier later on. If your computer has not been connected to Wi-Fi before, you can skip this option.
Step 2
Place the pipe in the center of the chicken wire. The length of the pipe should be tall enough so that it would be unobstructed by trees, buildings, and other structures. The chicken wire on the other hand, should be about a meter in length in order to work efficiently, but it can also be made larger so that it can detect a much broader range of signals.
Step 3
Using a length of tie wire, attach the length of pipe to the chicken wire. Slide the tie wire under the pipe and pull it up tight against the pipe. Place several tie wires across the pipe so that the chicken wire stays firmly attached.
Step 4
Using another length of tie wire, attach a long piece of wood across the length of chicken wire. This is to further support the chicken wire and prevent it from slipping or bending against strong winds.
Step 5
Drill two holes in the uppermost part of the pipe and place a few lengths of tie wire through the hole.
Step 6
Once the antenna has been set up, place it in a part of your house or backyard where there is less interference. Afterwards, send a length of USB cord inside the pipe and out in the top end. Secure the cord to the pipe using the tie wires.
Step 7
Attach a USB Wi-Fi transceiver to the USB connector at the antenna. You can also place a length of tie wire across the USB transceiver to keep it firmly connected to the cord.
Step 8
Once the transceiver has been connected to the antenna, attach the other end of the USB cord to your computer or laptop. Your computer should automatically detect the wireless connection and display an icon on the lower right portion of the screen.