How to Use an Apple Computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Like any other computers, you can use your Apple computer in creating letters, accessing the Internet, editing your videos and photos, creating layouts and more. Using your Apple computer is much like the same with using other computers. Apple computers make use of Mac OS or Mac OS X since these Operating Systems were developed and marketed by Apple Inc. Provided in this article are some steps that will give you a background on how to utilize your Apple computer.

Materials Needed:
- Apple computer
- Mac OS
- Keyboard
- Mouse
Step 1
Once you have started your Apple computer, the very first thing that you will see is the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) screen. Then you will see your operating system’s splash screen. The Desktop is the first thing that will be put on view once your Apple computer has loaded its operating system.
Step 2
You can open the 'Finder' window to browse or look for files into your hard drive by double clicking the hard drive icon on the Desktop. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics of your operating system, you can then fully use your Apple computer to help your business, correspond with friends and family, do your office works at home, play games, conduct some research using the Internet, shop online and more.
Step 3
Apple Inc. has included new services for programs in their Mac OS X, which include grammar and spelling checkers, color picker, special characters palette, dictionary and font chooser. Apple Inc. has also added Expose. This feature enables users to easily move between desktop and windows.
Step 4
Apple computer users can encrypt their files using the FileVault feature and create a systematized workflow for various tasks using the Automator.
Step 5
Your Apple computer’s Menu Bar can be found at the top of your screen. It varies depending on which application is active. Each application has its own array of options that can be accessed from the Menu Bar.
Step 6
The Apple Menu can always be accessed at all times on the upper left side corner of your screen. This menu is always there and you can access it at all times.
Step 7
You can access the Internet through Point-to-Point Protocol that is also called as 'dial-up' access. Like other operating systems, Mac OS X can be configured with your Internet Service Provider’s information. You can do this by configuring your operating system from the Apple menu. Once you’re connected to the Internet, you can then play games, check e-mails, surf the Web and more.