How to Burn BIN and CUE Files to DVD

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Burning files to a DVD requires a DVD writer. DVD writers when purchased, come bundled with a Disk Burning application. A popular Disk Burning application bundled with DVD writers is Nero. BIN files handle data and CUE files direct the program or burner to read the data. CUE or BIN files are disk mirror files. You will need one of each for each disc. The application Nero burns them onto a CD or a DVD. Users can actually burn files, extract the video, and then play it. The steps below allows user to systematically burn BIN and CUE file to DVD with this functionality.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- DVD Writer
- Disk Writing Application
- Blank DVD
Step 1
Insert the blank DVD into the drive. Search or purchase Nero in case you do not have Nero 7 Premium. Install Nero into your system. Load Nero 7 after Installation.
Step 2
The Nero icon will be found on your desktop. Click on this and then proceed to 'Burn DVD' on the main menu.
Step 3
You will find 'Nero Vision' on the main menu. Select it then and allow it to load for a few seconds.
Step 4
Click on 'Make DVD' and then select 'DVD-Video' from within Nero Vision window.
Step 5
Choose the 'Add Video files' in the right-hand portion of Nero Vision window and let it load for a few seconds.
Step 6
Search for the file that you would like to burn and then, from the 'Files of Type' option, click on All Files.
Step 7
Select the BIN files. You will find that it loads automatically. Click on 'Next' button once it has done so.
Step 8
Click on the 'Next' button below the blue window on the left-hand portion and rename your movie in the header section. This is followed up by another window. Click on the 'Next' button once more.
Step 9
Click on 'Burn to' and then select your DVD writer from within this window at the top right-hand portion in the 'Set parameters for burning'.
Step 10
You have to make sure that the 'Write' option has been selected as Action. Select a write speed that Nero will allow for the media you are using.
Step 11
You can now click on the 'Burn' button once it is displayed in the current destination at the bottom of the page.
Step 12
Nero will update you about the general processes involved in burning. Wait until everything is completed and you will find yourself with one working disc.