How to Find a Social Security Number Free

Level of difficulty: Easy

In 1936, SSN or a Social Security Number is issued for tax purposes as part of the New Deal Social Security Program. The SSN is a 9-digit personal identification number given out by the United States Social Security Administration (SSA). It is important to have a Social Security number. In the recent years, SSN has turned into a de facto or standard national identification number. It is used in job applications, receipt of government assistance, tax filing, and obtaining mortgage and credit. US citizens were not required to have an SSN before the age of 14. Today, Social Security number is needed by children before they reach the age of one. The SSN has become linked with various financial transactions. An SSN should be remembered and kept private.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Internet Connection
Step 1
There are a number of reasons to look for a person’s SSN. Employers normally use an SSN number to validate and perform a background check on a new employee. An SSN can also be used to find deceased persons or perform a number of financial or legal procedures. The best way to find a new employee’s employment eligibility is to use E-verify.
Step 2
E-verify is a joint effort by the SSA and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to help employers electronically identify and verify new employees for free. E-verify is available to all employers across the states. Using E-verify eliminates Social Security mismatch letters and numbers, improves wage and tax reporting, protects jobs for authorized workers, and helps employers maintain a legal workforce.
Step 3
Search for E-verify on an Internet browser and go to the site and navigate through options and register. Be sure to understand the registration requirements and use of the search feature and database.
Step 4
Find deceased persons using the Social Security Death Index. Search for the index with an Internet browser and use this index for free. The SSDI contains 83 million records or the number of people who have died in the US from 1963. Fill in the query boxes as possible. Take note of spelling and correct name format.
Step 5
Secure your own SSN from being viewed and used by other people. Using your SSN, enter it on an Internet browser and search for your SSN. Preventing identity theft is important; thus, you have to report websites that display or share personal information. Go to to report SSN sharing on the Internet or potential identity theft.