How to buy a monitor

Level of difficulty: EASY

Monitor, otherwise called as display or visual display unit (VDU) is the screen for the computers. Experience of a computer session invariably depends on the performance of the display. A good display gives a soothing effect to the user. A video when viewed on different displays renders different impressions on the visual quality. So to get most out of your computer you must need a perfect monitor. Now the question is – “which monitor is good for you?” This depends on various factors like which applications you will use, how much time you are going to spend in front of the monitor, light access to your room, the space you have for placing your monitor.

Materials Needed:
- Purchase
Step 1
Now the trend is to buy the LCD monitors. Gone are the days when PCs used to come with big box shaped monitors. Slim is the mantra of today’s world, monitors too have lost their size. These LCD monitors typically starts with 17 inch or 19 inch. These monitors provide excellent service for web-surfing, watching videos, gaming at a high resolution. There are screen adjustment controls for brightness, color and other settings like speakers, USB ports. Some advanced monitors also include asset control – which can help managers to vigil their company’s property via a LAN. Monitors now people use are invariably 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratio. The wide screen format is very useful for working large screen-space requiring applications like Photoshop, browsing many web pages at a time.
Step 2
Price and specification should not be the criteria while you are purchasing a monitor; it should depend on your need. It is to be kept in mind pictures look the best when viewed at an LCD’s native resolution. You may try to customize by increasing or decreasing the resolution but there is a high possibility that the image may go blurry. Native resolution is the sharpest.
Step 3
LCD panel size should not be too big so that you cannot view the whole screen comfortably. Similarly it should not be too small either. There are also height adjustment tools to adjust monitor to a comfortable height. Contrast ratio, brightness, viewing angle and most of the things can be modified according to your need.
Step 4
Which model to buy is the next big question? Sony, LG, Samsung are the leading brands. For this, you should check out various models in a store because only your eyes can tell how good the image quality is.