How to clean laptop keyboard

Level of difficulty: Easy

Clean your laptop keyboard regularly but switch it off before you do so If you want to remove the keys and clean your laptop, use a sharp object to remove it, keep it somewhere where it won’t get misplaced. Remember you have to put them back, so careful how you take out. Once the keys are removed, put them in a small container or bowl, and add a few drops of hand washing liquid and rub lightly with a sponge. Keep them soaking in water.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized tools
Step 1
If you are cleaning the laptop with the keys attached, then you can clean in between each key using a can of compressed air.
Step 2
Don’t hold the bottle upside down and keep it few inches away from the keyboard. If you have debris stuck in between your keys, put the laptop upside down and lightly tap it, all the debris will fall off.
Step 3
You can also use a vacuum cleaner with light pressure to remove the dirt from the keypad, few inches away from the keys.
Step 4
Use a cloth for the touchpad, like an old t shirt or a handkerchief, preferably a micro fiber cloth, which is used for electronics.
Step 5
Make a liquid by mixing lukewarm water an isopropyl alcohol, and put a pinch of detergent in it, and wipe the whole keyboard.
Step 6
If you can’t reach the crevices, use an ear bud. Electronic cleaning solutions are available in the market. You can clean the pointer of the keyboard by brushing it lightly with a toothbrush.
Step 7
Now after the keyboard has dried, remove the keys from the liquid wipe each one of them and let it dry. Then put them back in its place carefully. It is dangerous to switch on your laptop if your keypad is not fully dry.
Step 8
If you have dropped food on your laptop and it is messy, you will have to remove the entire keyboard to clean it or follow the manual for instructions if a situation like that arises.
Step 9
With daily usage, the laptop cannot remain spotless; dirt will get onto it but if it is cleaned regularly and avoid drinking and eating around it, then it will be relatively clean.
Step 10
Try to keep the laptop in a dust free area that will solve half your problems.