How to Install a Satellite Dish

Level of difficulty: Difficult

A dish antenna is a television antenna device that receives signals from communication satellites in orbit around the world. It provides a television with a wider variety of channels. A satellite dish transmits signals from other communication satellites. Installing a satellite dish is a simple project after learning a few simple concepts. Normally, satellite dish providers install them at an additional cost to the customer.

Materials Needed:
- Satellite Dish
- Toolkit
Step 1
Choose a satellite dish; each dish is mainly dependent on the satellite service they are subscribed to. Each dish has a different and specific service. Choose the satellite dish service that can provide the best and appropriate service.
Step 2
Surveying the satellite dish site is important. Check the site if there are any obstructions blocking the view in the direction of your satellite dish. Noting the neighbors’ satellite dish positions can help in deciding the position of the satellite dish. Having the best angle for the satellite dish is good for a strong and steady signal on your screen.
Step 3
Mounting the satellite dish requires different kinds of equipment. Choose the appropriate device to mount the satellite dish. Proper mounting on the satellite dish equipment is critical to ensure the safety and the stability of your satellite dish. Reading the User’s Manual of the satellite dish and mounting will help you safely install the dish.
Step 4
Installing the satellite dish requires some skill. Create a mast for your mount and make sure that your mast is properly leveled when you install it. Keeping out the mast is one important detail in installing your satellite dish.
Step 5
Connect and assemble the cables from the dish to the television system. Make sure that they are properly installed to the dish by plugging cables securely. Turn the meter and try to turn in a sweeping motion or turn the dish from left to right in the general direction where the satellite should point. The meter will show a strong or weak TV signal with the satellite.
Step 6
To check out the signal of the satellite to the dish, properly install the cables from your dish to your television set. Drilling holes and clipping the wires properly help out to bring a strong and smooth signal to your television.
Step 7
Once the satellite signal has been checked, try to check the signal on your television set. Follow the User’s Manual from the satellite dish provider to help run necessary tests and to finish the installation.