How to change default web browser

Level of difficulty: EASY

A web browser is a client program that enables searching our required material through the contents of information provided by a specific type of server. It is the special client software package used by the user to view a web page. Some browsers can also be used to save information resources to file systems. Examples of some of the popular web browser are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Communicator and many more. Whenever a Web Browser is needed in Windows, it is the default option that gets usually launched. So, if Mr. A has firefox as the default Web Browser, then through its single click he can reach to the much needed URL. Regarding changing the default Web Browser, it is no problem for the users. Just a few steps are needed to be complied with and you have the changed default Web Browser at your service.

Materials Needed:
Step 1
The first step is selecting the desired web browser. There are large numbers of web browsers available but it is upto us in coming to a conclusion regarding which one is best and can provide utmost service.
Step 2
Opt for the tools menu with internet options.
Step 3
From the programs tab, check which one is the present default web browser. Then we have to open our desired browser.
Step 4
Immediately it will ask for our consent regarding accepting that as the default browser.
Step 5
As soon as the system receives our consent, it carries out the instructions and our default Web Browser gets changed.
Step 7
When we look to open a HTML file on the computer or click on a link in our Email, it is generally opened by the default Web Browser in our computer. Also the browser helps us by imparting the information whether a file is set up to be downloaded or displayed and prompts the user to save the file to disk. At times, programs can change our default web browsers without providing any clue to us till we click on a link. Most of the browsers display audio, video, XML files and possess plug-ins to support flash applications. But there are some that fails to do so. Here lies the reason behind changing the default web browser. Gather proper knowledge about the benefits of the web browsers and go for the change if you are not having the best one.