How to Install Wireless Router

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

With the advent of Internet, several devices have been invented to make the utilization of Internet technology easier, more effective, and more efficient. In the past, the use of computer to surf the Internet was confined to a single place. However, wireless routers have come into play. Wireless routers are devices that perform the function of a router through wireless access points. It allows access to a network or Internet without the use of cables. It can perform as well as wired LAN (Local Area Network).

Materials Needed:
- Wireless Router
- computer / laptop
- Ethernet cable
- modem
- NIC (Network Interface Card) or LAN (Local Area Network) Card
Step 1
Select the equipment to be used. Make sure that the wireless router you will purchase is compatible with the wireless network interface on your system. These days, wireless routers make use of 802.11g or 802.11b protocols.
Step 2
Unplug the DSL modem from the power supply. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the back of the computer that connects to the Ethernet port of the modem. The Ethernet cable looks like a phone cable but it is larger.
Step 3
Connect the loose end of the Ethernet cable to the back of the router. Usually it has an indicator that says 'Internet'.
Step 4
Connect the DSL modem to the power source.
Step 5
Connect one end of the Ethernet cable that comes with the router package to one of the (normally) four available Ethernet ports at the back of the router. The other end of the cable will be connected to the Ethernet port of the computer.
Step 6
Connect the router to the power source. Check the lights of the router at the front panel of the router. The light indicated as 'Power' should be solid green. The light indicated as 'Internet' should also be on. The Ethernet indicator lights and Wireless light should also be a solid green as well.
Step 7
Install the software included on the router’s package.
Step 8
Once the software is successfully installed, open your Web browser then enter the IP address in its address field and press the 'Enter' key then a password request screen will appear. Leave the username field blank and enter the default password, admin, in the password field. (Wireless routers have different IP address depending on the manufacturer).
Step 9
Activate the wireless connection in the router configuration menu to enable the broadcast of wireless connection. Setting up the SSID (Service Set Identifier) and the WEP (Wireless Equivalent Privacy) key makes the wireless connection secured and faster. If the broadcast is unsecured, the computer will automatically connect to the Wireless Network.