How to burn img file

Level of difficulty: Easy

The procedure to burn image files is easy. To use it, you have to burn it onto a CD or a DVD. Burning an image file is different from other burning procedures. You have to first choose the option of burn image or write image in your burning software before choosing your file. If your burning option does not have this type of software, then you have to follow few simple steps to burn an image file onto a CD or DVD. It takes less than 15 minutes to burn this image file.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
First you have to download the free easy CD/DVD burner and follow the directions which are given on screen to install the software. This software is free and functions very well. Along with directions, the software will ask you to install some other programs as well but if you are not interested, you can decline them. This free easy CD/DVD burner supports Vista, XP, Windows 7 and 2000.
Step 2
A blank CD or DVD should be inserted in your drive.
Step 3
Then open the free easy CD/DVD burner program and click on the ‘copy’ button of CD/DVD on the tool bar which is placed near the upper part of the program window.
Step 4
There will be an ‘action’ menu on the left, under it, press the button, ‘burn an image file’ link.
Step 5
When the windows of ‘burn an image file’ opens, locate and make a choice of the image that you need to burn to the empty disc and then click on the ‘open’ button.
Step 6
A dialogue will come up on the screen, which will say 'Do you want to burn the image file you chose?' Click on ‘ok’ to confirm.
Step 7
Now the process of burning will begin on its own, the time duration to burn will depend on the size of the image file, the speed of the computer and CD/DVD burner.
Step 8
When the process of burning ends, the CD or DVD, the eject will happen on its own from the drive, Remove the burnt disc from the drive and close the free easy CD/DVD burner.
Step 9
Now you can view the contents of the CD or DVD. The ISO file is the image which has to be displayed on the CD or DVD, so you will find many files and folders. Image files cannot be burnt on standard CD or DVD drives.