How to Make my Computer Wireless

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Wireless LAN (WLAN) or Wireless Local Area Network connects two or more computers with the use of either orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) or spread-spectrum modulation technology. This is to allow two or more computers to have connection in a limited space. This technology allows computers to have access on the network or the Internet within the area where it can receive signal. Home users use wireless LAN because it is easy to install and the location of the computer in the house can be anywhere. The condition before it can connect is that the computer should still reach the coverage of the network.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- wireless LAN adapter
- wireless router
- wireless LAN CD drivers
- screw driver
- and CD/DVD-rom
Step 1
The computer must be turned off. The wireless LAN adapter and the computer can have damage if the computer is working when the installation of the adapter is in progress. To be safe, remove the power cables to avoid electrocution.
Step 2
Remove the cover casing of the computer. Use the screw driver to remove the screws securing the cover casing. Also, remove the old LAN adapter that you will replace.
Step 3
Remove the LAN adapter by removing the screws securing it on the computer. When the screw is out of place, pull out the old LAN adapter.
Step 4
Install the wireless LAN adapter where the old LAN adapter was located. Secure the adapter with screws. Make sure that the wireless LAN adapter will not go out of place.
Step 5
Secure the cover casing of the computer after the installation of the wireless LAN. Connect the power cables and then turn the computer on.
Step 6
Wait for the Operating System to load. Once the computer finishes loading, put the CD driver of the wireless LAN into the CD/DVD-rom. Run the installer on My Computer. Follow the instructions on the installer until it completes installation.
Step 7
Install the wireless router after installing the wireless adapter. Run the installer of the wireless router and follow the instruction. Install the telephone or DSL line into the wireless router.
Step 8
Set up the configuration of the wireless router after installing it. The settings of the wireless router must be the same as the settings of the wireless LAN adapter. Create a security password on the wireless router to make the network secure.
Step 9
Connect the wireless LAN to the wireless router so that it can connect into the network. Input the needed password to connect the wireless router and the network.