How to clean a keyboard

Level of difficulty: EASY

A keyboard is the primary input and control device. One can enter data and issue commands through the keyboard. There are many different keyboard layouts and of different size. The keyboard features typing information into the computer or input information. The standard keyboard has 101 keys. So that provides a clear picture about its importance. But the computer keyboards are also constantly exposed to dust and the germ full fingers. As a result, there is a probability of non-functioning of the keyboard. So, there comes the task of cleaning the keyboard and ensure that the sticky keys remain dust free and clean. Regarding cleaning of a keyboard, there are different levels of cleaning of the keyboard. The first one is moderate cleaning for every week while the second one is thorough cleaning for complete cleaning of the keyboard. Coming to moderate cleaning, the steps and requirements are very simple.

Materials Needed:
- some drops of cleaning solution
Step 1
First the keyboard has to be unplugged and has to be held upside down to remove any waste particle lying in between the keys. Even we can use the hose of a vacuum cleaner to remove them.
Step 2
Then some drops of cleaning solution have to be applied on a cotton bud and with its help, we have to clean the keys from the sides and for the sides of the keyboard, we can opt for a piece of cloth with the same cleaning solution applied on it. Now, speaking of thorough cleaning, it is also very easy but special care needs to be taken while executing the cleaning process.
Step 3
Shutting down the PC, we can remove the keys and gently lift the key top.
Step 4
While extracting the keys, we just need to make sure that we have made a note about the placement of the keys or we might face a problem in repositioning them.
Step 5
An important mention is needed for the bigger keys like spacebar, shift or the backspace keys. It can difficult to put back those larger keys and that is why it is better not to remove them.
Step 6
Then, take cotton applying a cleaning solution, we have to scrub out moist and dirt from the keyboard.
Step 7
Finally position the keys as per their previous arrangement and we have a nice and clean keyboard at our service.
Step 8
For proper running of the computer, cleaning the computer is a vital factor. The minimum debris can lead to disrupt functioning of the keyboard and ultimately creating disaster. So, why not take the proper preventive measure and avail ourselves a smooth service. Start cleaning the computer keyboard and go for a cleaner, germ-free keyboard.