How to check PC speed

Level of difficulty: Easy

It is very crucial to have fast computer speed. We are dependent a lot on our personal computers that we cannot think to do without them. Our work suffers if the computer speed is poor. Here mentioned are a few simple steps which can help to safeguard your computer as well as your privacy even when you are online.

Materials Needed:
- To make use of tools available in Vista
- Windows 7
- XP service pack3 (SP3)
Step 1
Free up space from disk: Disk clean up tool can be used to free up the space on hard drive which can ultimately speed up the performance of computer. This tool helps in identifying the files that can be safely deleted. It can be used to delete temporary internet files, recycle bin, windows temporary files like error reports, downloaded programs like Microsoft ActiveXcontrol, Java applets etc and programs which are not used any longer. One can go to Start -> All programs->Accessories-> System Tools-> Disk Clean up. Check the boxes for the files which need to be deleted otherwise uncheck these boxes.
Step 2
Speed up data access: Disk fragmenter slows down the speed of a system. It is a windows utility that gathers all the files and folders and stores them on the system hard disk in such a manner that each takes single space on the hard disk. Click Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Disk Defragmenter. Select the drive that needs to be fragmented and click analyze. This button would inform whether the selected drive should be fragmented or not. Click Defragment button if drive can be defragmented. Click view report and close the dialog box.
Step 3
Locate and heal the disk errors: Integrity of files stored on the hard disk can be checked by running 'Error Check Utility'. The hard drive can develop bad sectors which slow down the performance of the system. This utility checks the hard drive for bad sectors. If the system is used daily then this utility should be run once a week to help preventing the data loss. Click Start ->My computer->Right click and select properties->Tools tab (check now button) -> Check disk (Choose Scan for & attempt recovery of bad sectors) -> Click start. (Select to fix them if bad sector/s is identified.)
Step 4
Protect system from spyware: Spyware gathers the personal information without taking permission. It can put the confidential data at risk. One can use personal computer safety scan which would help in checking and removing the viruses.
Step 5
Learn Ready Boost: One can choose Ready Boost option if using Windows 7 or Vista. One can also use the non volatile (Flash) memory; it is like a USB to have the additional memory which can enhance the performance of system.