How to choose a computer printer

Level of difficulty: Easy

As we are becoming more dependent on computer technology, printers are becoming one of the dire necessities. It is becoming our indispensable need nowadays. With printers one can get the documents printed in few minutes. Portable printers are also now there in the market which allows printing the document wherever and whenever one needs. Business travelers will surely agree with its importance whether in an airplane or in a hotel room, the task gets easier.

Materials Needed:
- Money
- internet connection
- guide
- computer
- paper
- ink cartridges
- power outlet
- Printer port.
Step 1
It is important to know the operating system that computer supports. Few printers are not compatible with certain operating systems like Lexmark doesn’t support Linux).
Step 2
It is a very crucial step to decide the type of printer that one needs. One needs to choose whether to purchase a black & white printer or the one which prints quickly. For office use, lazer printer is recommended. One can also get the scanner with it. While deciding the printer it is vital to decide if the printer has the capability to print pictures directly from the memory card. It is important to check if the printer has a memory reader in it.
Step 3
Now planning the budget is a major task. One needs to decide the amount that one can spend in order to purchase the printer of optimum capacity.
Step 4
Once the budget is decided, it is important to decide the features that can be scraped out of the list. Make a list of the features that are intended in the printer. Nowadays printers have wireless functionality which can be really very useful. Few of the users might use the PictBridge.
Step 5
Collect the points mentioned in above steps. One can also get cheaper printers (check the prices of the cheap printers online). Second hand printers can also be used and Ebay can be browsed for second hand printers. Choosing the right brand is very important like Hp is known for quality and Epson is known for its picture quality. Cheap printers can be easily purchased from Ebay. One can also get the new printers (online) at moderately cheap rates. It should also be remembered that local stores provides more support than any online store. Do check if printer comes along with ink cartridge while buying from Ebay. Market is flooded with various brands like Canon, Hp, Lexmark etc.