How to burn mkv file

Level of difficulty: Easy

You can burn MKV files on to a DVD by using 4 Media DVD Creator. This software helps you to burn and convert MVK files into DVD movies. It also gives you help with creating and editing the DVD menu, adding and customizing title and audio track in the meantime applying special effects and watermark. The way to convert and burn MKV files into DVD’s by the use of 4 Media Creator is really simple.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
You have to have to software, otherwise, download it and install the software. Launch the MKV to DVD creator and then add the MKV file.
Step 2
On the toolbar button click 'Add Video File' and load the MKV files. If you have more than one video to convert, you can do it all at the same time.
Step 3
Adjust output settings yourself when the picture shows. Then insert a recordable disc and choose the disc from 'destination' drop down list. Another option is have a back up of your videos on your hard disc as an ISO image or a DVD folder.
Step 4
Give a name for your DVD by writing in the textbox.
Step 5
Now the speed of the writing depends on your CPU configuration, so accordingly choose the right speed from the drop down list.
Step 6
Set the number of copies that you require to burn by clicking the up and down arrows. If the copy will be more than 1, then after you burn a copy, the program will tell you to insert another recordable disc.
Step 7
Click on the menu panel to get 'templates', this way you can create and edit the DVD menu. The 'Menu Templates' windows will pop up, choose the type of template that you want to create a menu at the moment.
Step 8
Now for the editing, click on the 'Edit' button, and in the menu edit window, you go ahead and change another template, add music, picture, and background and then add details regarding the title and opening film to the menu.
Step 9
After the film file has been loaded, the subtitle item and audio track will be displayed under file node, within the file list.
Step 10
Final step, click on the 'Settings' button, it allows you to edit the subtitle which is already there and allowing you to add a new subtitle, then click on the red 'Add' button.