How to change ram

Level of difficulty: Easy

RAM means Random Access Memory. It is used to increase overall performance of the computer. RAM is used to increase the memory and speed of the computer and an easy upgrade. For a person who uses the computer to store large files and folders, it is necessary to upgrade the computer. If you find that the computer has slowed its performance while you keep storing your files and folders, then it is time to increase the memory by installing RAM. To do so, there are few factors that you have to keep in mind and follow these steps.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
All computers don’t have the same configuration and specifications. So before buying a RAM, make sure that they suit the existing RAM and that there are enough slots to hold the new RAM.
Step 2
The computer has to be shut down, then plugged into the surged suppressor. Disconnect all the cables from the computer. Remove the cover of the CPU (Central Processing Unit). For you not to get shocked, hold on to a metal part or an anti static wristband. To get a clear view of the RAM sockets, remove any sort of obstruction from the way. Hold the Single in line module memory (SIMM) carefully by the sides; be sure not to touch any pins or chops as it might get destroyed. If you are putting an additional SIMM, put it in parallel to the existing RAM card.
Step 3
Once the SIMM is put into the socket, put some pressure on it from falling out of the socket while the module is turned to be kept in an upright position so that it is perpendicular to the motherboard. Ensure the SIMM is fitted well into the small holes of the holder. You will know it is secured when you hear a clips lock sound. Try and pull out the module gently to make sure it is secured in place.
Step 4
Put back the cover of the CPU. Now connect the mouse, the monitor and the keypad to the CPU. Right click on the computer icon and then go to properties to find out the amount of RAM. If the amount of RAM is not shown, then remove the SIMM from the socket and reinsert it and reboot the system. If this process if followed, then there should be no error.