How to create swf file

Level of difficulty: Easy

SWF are used to create animate films and they are built into Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is a design program you can either buy them or download it from Adobe. For an ordinary movie to be converted into SWF files, you will require special software. Each software program is purchase individually. The SWF file format is made to format graphics, text, and sound and video over the Internet, it is not a format for the exchange of graphics between the editors. A SWF file consists of a header, which is followed on by tags. There are two types of tags, namely definition tags and control tags. Definition tags are objects and control tags manage the characters, and control the files. Follow these steps and create a SWF file.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Download and install Adobe flash player on your computer, you will get access to this program from Adobe, download it from the website. It can be bought from a store too.
Step 2
After download is complete, open the Flash program on the computer. Now use Flash program to create an animation. Knowing how to work on Flash program language is very important.
Step 3
After you have created an animation, save it on Adobe program. This creates an SWF file, which you can publish on the web by using a FTP client. Display this SWF file by changing the animation to HTML code.
Step 4
When you have created an SWF file, it can play when you use the Adobe Flash Player. If other players download this player on to their computer, they will be able to watch your animation. The SWF will be on your website, so they can see it. All they need to do is click on the link in order to view it.
Step 5
If you want to make another animation and turn it into an SWF file, then you will have to run it with Flash and save it as a flash file, either that or use a program which will change it into an SWF file format. There are many steps to build a SWF file. They are made by adding digital photos to Photo Flash Slideshow, by selecting your favorite theme from the built-in theme templates and by publishing SWF file and uploading to Go2Album for sharing.