How to build a web page

Level of difficulty: Easy

It is very easy to build a web page; all you need is a good idea, creativity and the required steps which will make the task of building a web page fast. Just follow these steps and your web page is ready.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
First, download web authoring software from the internet. You will need text editing software that enables you to save your file in text format. After it is installed, start thinking of the matter you want to insert in the web page.
Step 2
Plan out how your text is going to look. It might have a theme, such as video games, sports or pets. You might want to have a big heading on the top, with some drawings and photos. 
Step 3
Make a new file in your text editing software.  Do it with the use of HTML. Tags are used to display the page. Tags start with a start tag and end tag, an example of it is . A tag will tell the browser whether you want the text bold like . Suppose you want 'Welcome' to be in bold letters, then you have to type < B>Welcome. So the basic web page is a text along with tags to tell the browser how the page should be displayed.
Step 4
You will have to start with , make your title then, and then full page.
Step 5
Save the file as text. You can use colors in HTML which is in hexadecimal format. You can use the color chart and use the code given for each specified color.
Step 6
Add graphics to give your page a special look. Take them from the internet, sites where you get free clip arts. To download, right click on the graphic and choose 'Save this image as' from the menu.
Step 7
Do a spell check on your text by using American spelling of words. Be sure to spell the picture’s file name correctly.
Step 8
If you want ideas, check out different sites and see what they have done. You can see how they have done it simply. You will see the HTML code under the View menu in your browser; all you do is choose the Page Source.  Be innovative and add your own ideas further.