How to Erase Internet History in Internet Explorer

Level of difficulty: Easy

The History of Internet Explorer keeps a record of all your visited websites. This process saves you time from having to download the Web page again and again whenever you visit the same website. However, these records are kept in your local hard disk, which consumes space and provides records of your Internet whereabouts. Some people prefer to delete their Internet browsing history to secure their online transactions and conserve disk space.

Materials Needed:
- Internet Explorer
Step 1
Open the Internet Explorer program via the Internet Explorer desktop shortcut. If desktop shortcut is not available you may click on the Internet Explorer logo provided on the left side of your task bar. It is also possible to open your Internet Explorer by accessing the Start Menu screen and selecting All Programs. After you click on the All Programs a screen will appear with the list of programs installed in the computer select Internet Explorer from there.
Step 2
After opening the Internet Explorer go to Tools a drop down menu will be provided. Select Internet Options from the menu. The Internet Options window will appear. Click on the clear history button on the right side.
Step 3
You may also delete your Internet Explorer’s browsing history by pressing Ctrl + H to make Internet browsing history appear usually on the left side on the Internet Explorer window. Erase the folders of browsing history one by one continue until all the folders were deleted.
Step 4
Another method to delete Internet Explorer’s browsing history is via Control Panel. Close all Internet Explorer application and go to the Start Menu. Select Control Panel from the Start Menu. The Control Panel screen will then appear. Choose Internet Options from the Control Panel. The Internet Properties screen will pop up on the screen. Select the Clear history button in the Internet Properties screen, which will delete all the Internet browsing records.
Step 5
Delete Apple Macintosh Internet Explorer’s browsing history by 1.selecting Hard Drive. 2. After selecting Hard Drive go to the System and then to Preferences. 3. After selecting Preferences go to Explorer look for the history file and drag it to the trash