How to change virtual memory

Level of difficulty: Easy

The virtual memory is a part of the hard disk. When your RAM (random access memory) is full, this virtual memory acts as a RAM. When you want to work on applications like Photoshop, games, editing and so forth, these functions take up too much space so it is better to speed up your computer as your RAM might be insufficient. This is the time when your need for altering the virtual memory will become necessary. You cannot compensate for RAM but virtual memory will keep your computer from crashing while you run out of RAM. If you have too little chances are there that it will crash and too much will be a waste.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
To make your computer function well, some settings need to be changed. To prevent windows from spoiling your hard disk, fix the virtual memory size because when you find that the windows virtual memory gets full, windows then will start taking some space from the hard disk.
Step 2
Get a size fixed for the memory a little higher than it is, but make sure to set the minimum and maximum at the same size, say about 2 GB. This will give you the opportunity to work on windows with a fixed size without having to fragment into your hard disk.
Step 3
This is how you change virtual memory:
Step 4
Click on the start button, and then right click on 'My computer'. Go ahead and click again on 'Properties'.
Step 5
Then click on 'Advanced', then again click on 'Performance'. And go to 'Settings'.
Step 6
Click on 'Advanced' and click 'Change' on the virtual memory.
Step 7
Select 'Custom Size' on your windows partition. Now do the settings by Clicking on 'Set', this will set the Initial size and maximum size, pick 2 GB.
Step 8
Click on 'Ok'. Now you have to shut down your computer and restart it.
Step 9
Once you change the settings to get maximum file size for your virtual memory, you will get better performance fro your computer while you run several applications.
Step 10
Virtual Memory is very easily done, all you have to remember is that whatever Operating
Step 11
System you use and no matter how much of RAM you have, it is important to have
Step 12
Virtual Memory for any operating system for it to function normally.