How to Transfer Data from an iPod to a Computer

Level of difficulty: Easy to Intermediate

Knowing how to properly transfer files from an iPod to a computer is useful for iPod users in the event of a fatal system crash or when transferring a large quantity of music and data files to a new computer. Although it is easy to transfer files from a computer to an iPod, there has been little information on how to transport the contents of an iPod to a computer. There are two options available to the user in transporting files. The first one involves transferring files without the use of any third-party software (software not developed by the iPod manufacturer or iTunes but designed to make the use of iPod or ITunes easier) but with the probability of losing information from the iPod, such as playlists, ratings, and play count information. The second option is to use third-party software that are not only really user-friendly, but may also be able to incorporate all the said additional information in the transport process.

Materials Needed:
- iPod
- a computer or laptop with a USB port and iTunes installed
- iPod data cable
- third-party software for transferring iPod data to computer (if necessary)
Step 1
Link the iPod to the computer by attaching the data cable to the USB port of the computer or laptop and the cable slot of your iPod.
Step 2
Proceed to step three if you will transfer files without using third-party software. Proceed to step eight if you prefer to use third-party software.
Step 3
A pop-up window asking if you want to 'synch' the iPod with the computer will appear. Do not allow synchronization. If your iTunes is empty or corrupted, this will erase or damage the files in the iPod. Press 'cancel'.
Step 4
Open the iPod using My Computer.
Step 5
Enable the ability to see hidden files and folders by doing the following: 1) Click on 'Tools' in the upper taskbar. 2) Then, click on 'Folder Options'. 3) A pop-up menu will appear. Click the 'View' tab to the right of the 'General' tab. 4) There is a sub-folder labeled 'Hidden files and folders' under the 'Files and Folders' folder. Click on 'Show hidden files and folders'. 5) Click 'OK' on the bottom right part of the pop-up menu.
Step 6
The pop-up menu will disappear and the screen will show the contents of the iPod, but with the hidden folders revealed. Go to the folder labeled 'iPod_Control.' Most of the information in this folder is relevant to internal iPod operations. Go to the 'Music' folder inside the 'iPod_Control' folder.
Step 7
All the video and music files stored in the iPod are inside the 'Music' folder. Copy the whole folder and paste it on a disk partition of the computer.
Step 8
Available software listings may be found by running a search on any of the online search engines if third-party software use is preferred. These may be downloaded for free or for a fee. Install the third-party software on the computer.
Step 9
Follow the instructions on the installed software.