How to Zip a Movie File

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

A movie file can be zip using file zipping tools like WinZip and WinRAR. These applications let users to compile and compress several movie files so that they can save disk space and can send their movie files via e-mail. Zipping movie files can help users save time in sending large files over the Internet. It can also save computer space since zipped files have a much smaller size than the original size of the files contained in it.

Materials Needed:
- Movie file
- WinZip
- Microsoft Windows Operating System
Step 1
The first step to zip a movie file is to download and install a file compression tool. WinZip will be used in this tutorial. After installing WinZip, make a folder where your archive will be placed on your computer.
Step 2
Launch WinZip by double clicking on its icon on the desktop or by clicking the 'Start' button and then clicking the 'Program' item and double clicking the 'WinZip' icon.
Step 3
A dialog box will be shown on the screen if you are using an unregistered version of WinZip. The dialog box will ask you to either take a look at the evaluation license or key in your registration code. Since your purpose is to zip a movie file, then press the 'I Agree' button.
Step 4
Once you have clicked the 'I Agree' button, the 'WinZip Tip of the Day' message box will then be exhibited on your screen, giving you some tips in using WinZip. You can either click the 'Next Tip' button if you would like to read more tips in using the application or press the 'Close' button to proceed to the main screen and start zipping your movie file(s).
Step 5
Once you get to the main screen, click on the 'New' icon of click 'File' and then click 'New' to create a new archive.
Step 6
, choose a location or folder where you want to save or store your new archive.
Step 7
Once the 'Add Files' window is displayed on your screen. Search the movie file(s) that you would like to compressed and then hit the 'Add' button.
Step 8
Your movie file will then be compressed and put inside a ZIP file with a much lesser size. You can then close the program after you have successfully zipped your movie file.