How to clean browser cookies

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The technologies of computer applications are making people feel at ease. The internet and browsing applications are giving a solution to all sorts of troubles. A well maintained device will not only work efficiently but will also have a longer life span. People who are frequent internet users must be aware of the temporary files and cookies. Cookies are just small web text type files that will be loaded and stored on to the hard disk of the user by the web page server while browsing through the websites. Such cookies are a kind of identification card for the user but can not execute and do not even deliver virus. They only hamper the system speed and waste a lot of time. Deleting cookies is recommended always and one can do it in some easy ways.

Materials Needed:
- Basic knowledge of computer operations
Step 1
The process to delete cookies is easy however it varies for different browser services.
Step 2
Internet explorer is the most widely used browser and to delete cookies on this one is the easiest way. To erase all cookies from this browser all one needs to do is to visit the control panel
Step 3
Select the internet and network options.
Step 4
Upon selecting the internet options one needs to go to general settings
Step 5
The computer will then give the option to delete temporary internet files, cookies and web history.
Step 6
Mozilla Firefox is another most popular browser and one can delete cookies from this one in some simple steps. One needs to select the tools on the page and then go to options.
Step 7
After that the option of privacy is selected.
Step 8
Then there is cookies panel where one needs to click on show cookies.
Step 9
To remove all cookies one needs to select the remove all cookies option and then it would delete all of them.
Step 10
Google chrome can also remove cookies in few steps. Select the tools tab and then go to options.
Step 11
Press on 'under the hood' tab and then search security section.
Step 12
One can choose to delete cookies even on Netscape browser of different version. One needs to select the tool menu.
Step 13
Then press on 'cookie manager'
Step 14
Select on 'manage stored cookies'