How to Text a Cell Phone from a Computer

Level of difficulty: Easy

Sending a text message from a computer is quite easy and handy, especially in times of dire need. There are a number of providers for this service for a number of countries. Service providers typically have a certain country or a number of countries to which they provide service. Some providers offer their services for free while others charge for a minimum fee.

Materials Needed:
- Internet connection
- software or website that sends SMS
- compatible system for the software
Step 1
Find a service provider on the Internet. This can be done simply by searching for one in search engines. Choose a local service provider that offers free use of their services. A local service provider would typically allow sending of free text messages as long as the number being sent to is a local number. Providers may charge a minimum amount for sending a text message to international numbers.
Step 2
Once a service provider has been chosen, sign up for the service. The method of signing up for the service depends on the provider’s system. Service providers typically ask for personal information such as a handle, a full name, and an email address. Some service providers may ask for a cell phone number and may require a user to register through their cell phones as well.
Step 3
If the service provider requires software, ensure that the computer has at least the minimum requirements for the software. Like all other programs, the provider’s program has certain computer settings needed for it to run properly. System requirements for software that provides sending of SMS are typically minimal.
Step 4
If in the case that software is needed, download and install the required software. The computer may have to be restarted in order to run the program after installation.
Step 5
Execute the program after restarting. A help button is typically available at the rightmost area of the menu on top of the program’s window. The help may be able to give the user specific instructions in using the program to send an SMS.
Step 6
Many service providers of computer to cell phone SMS-sending do not require a download of software. A user may be able to send a text message to a cell phone simply by logging in to a service provider’s website and using their service through the website.