How to Install a Wireless Network

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

A wireless network allows a user to connect to the Internet from different locations of an office or a house. With a wireless network, the user is not restricted in staying in a single location where the cables of the Internet or the power source is located. A wireless network gives the user a freedom to move about as a wireless network enables the user to access the Internet without being connected to an Internet cable.

Materials Needed:
- Wireless router
- Modem
- Computer
- Wireless network card
- Internet access
Step 1
Make sure that all the desktop computers that are going to be used for the wireless network are equipped with a wireless network card. Wireless network cards are usually integrated within most laptops.
Step 2
Choose a wireless router suitable for the environment that you are going to set up the wireless network in. Wireless routers have different types and speeds.
Step 3
Make sure that the modem is turned off. If it is not turned off, locate the modem to turn it off and unplug it from the power source
Step 4
Connect the wireless router to the modem. Turn on the modem and see if the lights on the modem are blinking. The lights on the wireless router will also blink if it has signal from the Internet.
Step 5
Turn on the computer connected to the wireless router. Install the driver that came with the wireless router. Restart the computer if needed.
Step 6
Open a Web browser window. Type on the address bar. A prompt will appear asking you for a password. Type 'admin' as the password. The Web browser window will then show a configuration page for the wireless router.
Step 7
Set up a unique wireless network name. This SSID (Service Set Identifier) identifies the wireless network.
Step 8
Configure the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). This option protects the wireless network from being accessed by other people.
Step 9
Choose an administrative password. This password may contain a combination of letters and numbers. Be sure to remember this password as it is needed to make changes on the wireless router’s settings. Save the changes.
Step 10
Connect to the wireless network by clicking on the icon 'View Available Wireless Networks' on the system tray. A 'Wireless Network Connection' window appears. Click on 'Refresh network list'. Click on the name of your network and click 'Connect' on the lower right corner of the window.
Step 11
A prompt will appear asking for the network key. Type the network key that you provided on the settings and click 'connect'. Once you are connected, you can close the 'Wireless Network Connection' window.