How to connect psp to pc

Level of difficulty: Easy

The PSP, or the PlayStation Portable, has changed the way people look at any portable media entertainment unit. Sony’s proprietary PlayStation Portable looks to harness the legendary gaming and multimedia potential of the immensely popular PlayStation gaming unit within a small, portable chassis. The PSP is an all-inclusive media unit, capable of playing scaled down versions of even the most modern and demanding computer games like Call of Duty and Street Fighter. However, the PSP is extremely versatile and its usage is not just limited to playing games on the go. It is an extremely powerful media unit that possesses a display engine capable of playing extended video clips and movies, and enough resources to play music and store data. So, how does one exactly unleash the power of this pint-sized monster from Sony?

Materials Needed:
- Computer Hardware
Step 1
The PSP unit comes with a memory stick that stores all the necessary files for music, games, essential software etc. However, this memory stick is not self-sufficient and needs to be connected via Sony’s proprietary interface to the computer for downloading music and videos, game tweaks, applications and other essentialities. Before connecting, one must be certain that the PSP unit came with authentic firmware disk/diskettes and the USB cable (although any USB cable would suffice). Once the unit is ready to be connected, the USB cable needs to be plugged into both the unit and the PC. Once connected, the ‘Home’ button on the PSP (the tiny button to the lower left corner) needs to be pressed. From there, the direction buttons are to be pressed to navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu. Scrolling the Up-Down button would then give us the screen for ‘USB connection’ on the PSP
Step 2
On connection, press the round ‘X’ button for the PSP to display the USB connection notice on the screen. Soon, the computer would notify the user upon discovery of a new USB device. Click on that declaration, and the computer would display the position of a new generic Hard-drive. This notification means that connection to the computer has been successful, and the PSP unit is now ready for data traffic. It is important to note that one must always upgrade the firmware for the PSP unit from the Sony website to ensure a smooth operational experience. Once connected, the PSP unit can be used as portable storage devices, media players and portable gaming consoles with rather advanced gaming features.